When buying a car, is car finance or a personal loan better?

Personal loans and auto finance loans are the two main financing options when purchasing a vehicle.  The only other loan that may be related to a new vehicle purchase might be an online payday loan or a cash advance loan to make a cash downpayment for the car.  After the downpayment comes the real commitment; this will be a long four to six year relationship.  You need to make it a good lasting one.  Comparing the loans we have auto finance ranging with interest rate APRs from 3% to 7%; on the latter, we have personal loans with interest rates ranging form 6% to 36%.  Make the primary option the best route to get when choosing an online loan for your car finance loan.  According to websites such as LendingTree, personal loans average around $11,000 while auto finance loans for new and used cars average $32,000 and $20,000 respectively. The time frame you are allotted to pay back the loan also differs greatly.  Find great financing options for personal loans through us today!


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